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  • How Augmented Reality Benefits Interior planning

    How Augmented Reality Benefits Interior planning

    Augmented reality often blows hot and cold in many industries, but also for interior design a realistic look at this wonderful technology are very apparent and useful and can be easily used via your smartphone nowadays.

    Augmented reality is often used via a cell phone and allows users to see a computer generated image instantly surroundings. Apps such as Google Goggles and others have experienced success in several areas, allowing people to see information on their whereabouts through their phone, or tablet's camera view.

    For designers, augmented reality holds numerous benefits. Probably the most obvious and many significant is being in a position to place computer generated items, for example impressions of furniture and other components of a certain position of the room and so seeing its suitability. It is used frequently by kitchen and bathroom designers to create a 'virtual' look at how a potential customers new design would look and to this end plays a significant part within the conversion process for a lot of bathroom and kitchen companies today.

    augmented reality

    Companies such as Ikea provide individuals with the chance to make use of this simple technology within their homes. Essentially people just click on an picture of an item from a catalogue after which concentrate on the part of the room they would like to put it. The item then floats on the phone's screen, within the room and may be scaled to fit the room and surroundings.

    Users can then have a picture of the room and save it for future consideration with their designer, or with other people. The great thing about such technology is that it holds a whole host of info on the item, in addition to this, it allows users to often obtain an associated app, or the site in a few minutes. For a lot of, this is a lot less than traipsing shops and furnishing stores. Additionally, it means you've got a great idea of how suitable an item is going to be before you decide to ever even see it within the flesh. This saves time, money, and several a wasted trip back to the shop when something doesn't look while you imagined it might when relying on memory alone, and is among the wonderful solutions for furnishings from the modern age.

    There are lots of apps available which fit into the category of augmented reality applications as well as numerous other technological works which fit well with cell phones and tablets for DIY and do it yourself lovers. Browsing your web app store will lead you to these and many more tools to produce a virtual environment prior to purchase.

    Added by Camila & Robinson on Wed, Jul 4th 2012